The Virtual Healer Comic

2021-04-14 : To New Beginnings

The story begins, for real this time.

Our hero finds himself wandering the streets of a city that he picked out by using a random location app. It's pretty far from the small town he's lived in most of his life, where his last business failed because people were stuck in the '40s, the 2040's that is, and had little use for someone who had the skills to install basic bio-monitor implants from bleached-down public bathrooms or legitimate surgical rooms.

Down on luck and dangerously low on credits, he's now wandering through a city where he hopes to catch a lucky break, or even just find a job as a lowly technician pulling crud from the bearings of Amazon's delivery drones.

Little does he know, he's about to get more lucky than he could've ever imagined. Maybe the OracleAI was right, 2096 would be his lucky year.

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Fex: "A new city, a new life, so many possibilities"
Fex: "A computer repair shop for sale? With cleanroom hookups? I could do so much with this. Maybe this is the new start I'm looking for..."

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