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2021-03-30 : The Virtual Healer Begins!

Finally! The first comic!

I've been wanting to start my own webcomic for many years now, I've always enjoyed furry comics and cyberpunk comics, but there seems to be almost nothing in the way of those two combined.

When the world ended in early 2020, I decided to start my own webcomic, but I didn't know how. With all the spare time I had, I figured what better time to learn how to draw. So I put it upon myself to start drawing for at least 2 minutes a day everyday since March 26, 2020, and I've not missed a day since. Usually I spent a lot more than 2 minutes, sometimes an hour or two at a time, but no matter how tired I was (because I usually draw right before going to sleep... which is very late sometimes), I still made sure to put in at least 2 minutes.

It's now been just over a year since I started drawing, I'm still far from a good artist, but it's better than I could've expected after only a year. Good enough (or maybe just "ok enough") to start a webcomic. My friends have been very supportive, I'd like to thank @ArtsyFoxo for helping me get started with drawing and giving me lots of tips and help, and I'd like to blame (yes, blame) Narkiel for giving me that little nudge to finally buy the domain for this site to make it official.

Now, the most important topic: the name. The name "The Virtual Healer" comes from a project I did in a database class during my senior year in college. We had to make a little something involving a database for the final project. Of course, me being me, I went ahead and made a repair log and inventory management system complete with web UI (which was way overkill for the minimum requirements of the project), but I made the web UI have this grungy 90's look to it (on purpose... totally not because I suck at frontend... 😅) and I gave it a copyright date from the year 2096 and all the parts and repairs were using fictional components from what I imagined would be around in 80 years. That basically started the whole world-building part of this comic since I tried to extrapolate the brands and components and technologies that would be available in the future (to a degree, "rule of cool" still applies).

So there you have it. The setting of this comic basically comes from the imagined world of a final project from the future.

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Fex: *thinks "What is perspective?"*
Fex: *thinks "How do you CSS?"*
Fex: "I'm working on it"

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