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A small-town silver fox goes to start a computer repair shop in an average city in the cyberpunk future of 2096.
He has no idea what the customers have in store for him or what kinds of trouble adventures he'll get himself into...

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2022-05-29 : What Is Intelligence?

There's nothing quite like booting up a 53 year old experimental AI and having it be able to almost use a broom.

"Monkey see monkey do" is a pretty common quick-n-dirty test for general AI systems. The idea is that if they can figure out what you're doing and figure out how to do it themselves, then they've got enough basic intelligence to be considered general. Of course, you'd expect them to have some basic preloaded knowledge like how to use a broom to sweep. It doesn't seem like Fex got that lucky this time, he'll have to get rid of those batteries himself (unfortunate since there seems to be a lot of batteries everywhere).

At least everything is going well so far. No blue screens or kernel panics. Definitely impressive for something that probably hasn't been powered up for decades. Of course, with crystalline data storage and aggressive error correction algorithms, the system would have at least the ability to restore from a read-only factory image if the OS on the volatile memory is too far gone to be useful. It remains to be seen if this robot had to factory reset itself or if it's actually running on whatever it learned decades ago...

Author's Note: I have once again failed at making a comic quickly. Not only that, but this one took several months to make even though there were less than 7 hours put into it. I'm pretty much giving up on ever getting around to making those 3D models for rapid development. I tried to use scale down on the level of detail (crappier line art and shading) to save time, and it did kinda work, but I didn't plan on motivation being the issue. Instead of working on this comic, I worked on quite a few other artworks, many of them which were never finished. Some were legit (seasonal artworks with actual deadlines, artworks as presents, an art entry into Furality Aqua, etc), and some of them less so (random scribblings, concept arts, etc). I don't know if it's reasonable to try and make this at least a monthly comic going forward, it might only update a few times per year. I'm sorry about this, I really didn't want it since I don't like it when other people's comics are updated so infrequently, but it's harder than I thought to make a comic with the level of quality that I was going for. I can try to reduce the quality some more and see how that turns out, but then I have to get around to making a real storyline and not just come up with everything on the fly.

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Fex: "Ok 'Commodore', let's see what you can do. Grab this broom."
Robot: *thinks to itself* "dialup noises"
Fex: "Now sweep."
Robot: "What is 'sweep'?"
Fex: *sighs* "We've got a long way to go..."

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